Main activities

  • Regular provision of integrated medico-social services at home for the duration of the project, including beneficiaries in remote and rural areas;
  • Expanding of the network of the HC Centers established with the support of the Swiss-Bulgarian Cooperation Program (2012-2017) through establishment of three new Home Care Centers in the regions of Vidin and Montana, including mobile units;
  • Establishment and equipment of a pilot call-center for provision of teleassistance/telecare services in the city of Vratsa;
  • Development and introduction of the system for pilot provision of the teleassistance/telecare services in the regions of Vratsa, Vidin and Montana;
  • Selection of beneficiaries, needs assessment, development of individual care plans and provision of community-based health and social services incl. teleassistance/telecare to vulnerable people in need both in urban and rural areas;
  • Elaboration of effective models of social inclusion of long-term unemployed people through provision of qualitative vocational training thus creating opportunities for employment in the area of integrated community-based medico-social services;
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers to support the work of the HC Centers and the teleassistance/telecare services;
  • Creating of prerequisites for provision of the teleassistance/telecare service on a wider basis in the future by drafting legislative changes and standards;
  • Raising the awareness and promoting integrated health and social services and tele-assistance/telecare services among the general public.