The number of beneficiaries in the project is increasing

Since the start of the project in May 2019, the number of beneficiaries who received regular professional care in their homes exceeds 850 persons. The new Home Care Centers in Vidin, Belogradchik and Montana, opened in August 2020, are working at full capacity, strengthening the importance of integrated medico- social services for lonely older people among the local community, GPs and other health and social institutions.

Within the territory of the 7 target municipalities, the project also covers beneficiaries from 33 remote and small settlements, where access to medical care and social support is severely limited or completely absent.

The teams of all Home Care Centers worked continuously during the COVID-19 pandemic last autumn, as well as during the third wave in the spring of 2021. In accordance with all regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Inspectorates, as well as in strict compliance with hygiene measures, home visits to patients proved extremely valuable to them in this challenging situation. Older people received timely medical care and health status monitoring, which prevented their condition from deteriorating at a time when most of them were afraid to visit their GPs or other medical professionals. In many cases, the home-helpers from the Home Care Centers proved to be the only hope for our beneficiaries in terms of the supply of food and vital medicines. Besides, some of them relied on the teams of the HC centers in the long recovery period after suffering from COVID-19.

Thank you for your trust!